Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Questionable parenting?

About a month ago, we finally gave up on the swaddle...hallelujah. Jackson hated it and fought like Tyson every time we wrapped him up, so we suffered through a few days of even rougher sleep while he learned to sleep with those flailing arms. His latest preference for comfy sleep involves a large blanket over his bottom half, a small blankie that he drapes over his face (all by himself) and a hand on each bumper. While we are thrilled that he is finally comfortable and sleeping the way he wants to...paranoid mama is now in and out of the nursery every 15 min making sure that darned little blankie isn't smothering him. I've tried carefully moving it once he's asleep, but he inevitably wakes just enough to move it back...Yes, I know the dangers of having loose blankets in the crib and many people are probably shaking a finger at me as they read this...but frankly, almost 5 months of sleep struggles and I've finally given in to the "whatever works" approach :) He still only takes 45 min naps every time, but at least he's napping!

I was sitting on the floor reading email (actually, looking at new pictures of Jackson's future best buddy, Trey Farmer) with Jackson on my lap one morning. He's becoming more and more independent these days and often gets antsy when sitting still, so I laid him on the floor next to me while I finished going through my email. Well, I think I got through one sentence when I looked down and this is what my son was doing...perhaps another example of questionable parenting, but we thought it was too funny not to share. Guess our play time on the floor needs to be free and clear of any furniture legs that might look tasty to our little man...

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Lori W said...

that chewing on the table leg picture cracks me up every time I see it! heeheeeee
and it's funny, but I do the same thing when I sleep...I have a pillow or blanket over my face and have to hang on to the edge of the mattress or the headboard. Maybe he got it from me?!??!!
:) love you so! xo