Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jackson - 7 Months!

Time is really flying now...and thankfully, we had a pretty quiet month this time. I think we all needed it after all the travel and such. This month, Jackson started to sit all by himself, 'swim' when on his tummy (a little bit of scooting too, but he still despises tummy time...would much rather be on his feet), roll over in his crib (which has been an unwelcomed change in his all-night-sleep habits :)), pass toys from one hand to another and drink from a sippy cup. We started 3 meals a day of solids, which he loves! I started trying to make some baby food myself this month, but am still working on getting to the Gerber consistency to which he is accustomed. He's also strong enough now to ride facing forward in the jogging stroller...which means Mama has been able to resume her runs along the lake. That has been so nice for both of us. We always stop and sit on a bench and have a little refreshment too (me from my water bottle, him from his sippy...or, him from my water bottle too...he loves a water bottle!).

I have to say, we are really blessed that Pablo's work allows him to be home so early and spend so much time with his boy. (And Jackson & I are really blessed that he is such a GREAT hubby & Daddy!). We love our evening routine - unless one of us has a night out, we do bath and bedtime together. We've grown to really cherish those moments with our sweet boy!

We took Jackson to his first eye doctor appointment this month, per our pediatrician's recommendation. He has what is called 'pseudo-esotropia', which basically just means the width of the bridge of his nose and the skin folds at the inner corner of his eyes sometimes create the illusion that he is cross-eyed. Thankfully, he is not, and his vision is just what it should be at this age...evidently, as he grows and his face changes, that 'illusion' will go away. This kid has been to more specialists in his 7 months than I have in my whole life! He's such a trooper though....

We are loving his smiles and laughs and getting so excited for the summer!

Never too young for a massage chair...

Jackson loves his snazzy car walker (thanks Ryans!)

Heading out for a jog

Just sitting up playing...look at that belly!

With the nicer weather, we've been spending some playtime out on the terrace...we're so excited to put the baby pool out there (once we can get out of the 60s!)

Happy 7 months big boy!

Hey wait! What's that? Something I can EAT!?!