Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jackson's 5th month

We can't believe our boy is 5 months old...time is really flying now! He's so much fun these days, talking and smiling all the time. We get a good belly laugh out of him every now and then, but the same method doesn't seem to work more than a couple times...so we spend a lot of time making fools of ourselves trying to get one of those cherished laughs. He can now move around a little by scooting on his back and side...we often find him with his head at the opposite end of the crib from where we laid him down or shoved in the corner. No more laying him in the swing or bouncy chair without strapping him in...he can scoot his bottom right off either one! We're working on the sitting thing...he still topples over, but we're practicing! Now we can sit on the floor, hold just his hands and he'll "stand" and try to walk...he puts one foot in front of the other when we move him a little bit forward. This is probably very typical for kids this age...but as first-timers, we're amazed every time. He's still loving his solids, but definitely has a preference for applesauce...he will literally lunge at the spoon for that stuff. We're not sure exactly how much he weighs right now, but if history is any indication, he's right around 17lbs. Who needs the gym when you carry that around every day?!

Jackson still has a bit of a 'witching' hour in the evening, and usually a walk outside will take care of it...but living in Chicago, our opportunities to take a walk outside in the evening in March are limited...So lately, we've discovered that it's not necessarily the stroller that calms him, it's the fresh air (despite it being 20-30 degree air). Now when he's melting down and nothing else is working, we simply bundle him up and step out on our terrace for a bit...couldn't resist taking some pictures of this. Nothing cuter than a little one all bundled up!

Most of the time, Jackson LOVES his bath. He could be screaming crying and as soon as he's submerged in that warm soapy water, he stops (usually). This is a typical bath pose...he puts his feet up on the tub, finds a finger or two to gnaw on and just chills. He loves to have the water running over him too. We're hoping he likes to swim as much as he likes to bathe!

We still read books every day...now he not only looks at the pages, but he touches each one, and often will grab the page as it turns.

The 5 month baby & bunny shot...it is amazing how much he has grown & changed in 5 months!

Happy 5 months!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rolling rolling

Jackson started rolling over (tummy to back) about 2 months ago, but did it just a handful of times. Last week he finally started doing it consistently...he's a rolling machine!

Questionable parenting?

About a month ago, we finally gave up on the swaddle...hallelujah. Jackson hated it and fought like Tyson every time we wrapped him up, so we suffered through a few days of even rougher sleep while he learned to sleep with those flailing arms. His latest preference for comfy sleep involves a large blanket over his bottom half, a small blankie that he drapes over his face (all by himself) and a hand on each bumper. While we are thrilled that he is finally comfortable and sleeping the way he wants to...paranoid mama is now in and out of the nursery every 15 min making sure that darned little blankie isn't smothering him. I've tried carefully moving it once he's asleep, but he inevitably wakes just enough to move it back...Yes, I know the dangers of having loose blankets in the crib and many people are probably shaking a finger at me as they read this...but frankly, almost 5 months of sleep struggles and I've finally given in to the "whatever works" approach :) He still only takes 45 min naps every time, but at least he's napping!

I was sitting on the floor reading email (actually, looking at new pictures of Jackson's future best buddy, Trey Farmer) with Jackson on my lap one morning. He's becoming more and more independent these days and often gets antsy when sitting still, so I laid him on the floor next to me while I finished going through my email. Well, I think I got through one sentence when I looked down and this is what my son was doing...perhaps another example of questionable parenting, but we thought it was too funny not to share. Guess our play time on the floor needs to be free and clear of any furniture legs that might look tasty to our little man...