Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Escape from the arctic

Well, February in Chicago with a baby = CABIN we decided another Florida trip was just what we needed. We went to Orlando for Valentines weekend and Pablo returned on Monday for work...I was booked on a flight to return Wednesday, but after Jackson did just as well there as he does at home sleeping (note: I did not say he slept "well" :)) I decided to stay the week in St Pete. Pablo came back on Friday and we spent another weekend in Orlando. It was a wonderful trip...spending so much time with family and in the sunshine was good for all of us. Jackson may have been born in the midwest...but no doubt he's a southern boy. He loves to be outside! Warning: this is a really long post with lots and lots of pictures...I couldn't help it. We just had such a great time!

(Random note here - we had a follow up with the pediatric surgeon yesterday and our chunker is just over 16lbs...that's a whole pound in 2 weeks...I've said it before and I'll say it again - preemie my foot! :))

Happy 1st Valentine's Day from Grandma! She spoiled him as usual with fun toys and wonderful books. It was fun to see him 'open' his present this time because now he actually plays with the tissue paper.

Grandma's big boy...all dressed and ready for the big barbeque

Jackson's latest favorite expression...fishy face! Bethany giving him a little superman lift.

Definitely the center of attention!

Family shot in the sun

Grandpa Walter sure knows how to get a smile!

Heading to St Pete!

Papa D with the kiddos

Kennedy & Jackson ready for one of many walks during the week. Oh how we miss our walks with Aunt Les and cousin Kennedy!

Hanging out on the hammock...Kennedy and her cousin "Ja-shun" are already good buds

Aunt Les with Jackson...maybe where he got those baby blues from? He loves to nuzzle...presses his little face right up against yours when you hold sweet.

Uncle Brian did a lot of entertaining Jackson in the evenings when he is crankiest (Jackson, not Brian :))...thanks B!!

How sweet is this picture? Les & Kennedy played on the playground while Jackson and I kept walking around and around (mostly to keep him napping)...I looked up and saw this and couldn't resist capturing it. These two are certainly peas in a pod!

A far cry from what mealtime looks like at home!!

Back to Orlando again!

After just a few days away, Grandma already had 2 new toys...Jackson loved his bouncer. We couldn't get over what a big boy he was in it!

Daddy and son reunited after a whole 4 days apart...oh how they missed eachother! It's funny how seeing Jackson every day makes us not really realize how much he grows and changes. Pablo couldn't believe how much he grew, how much more hair he had and how much louder his cry sounded after a few days of peace and quiet...haha.

Jackson got to spend a lot of time with Uncle Carlos and Bethany this time...just hanging out here

Our visit with Aunt Lori was way too short, but oh so sweet.

Heading back home! Jackson has done so well on his 4 flights so far...we were a little nervous about this one because he doesn't sleep nearly as much as he did for our last trip. But he did great...slept a little, ate and played the whole time. Only a few minutes of crying (which, of course, seemed like an eternity to his mama at the time...but the fellow passengers commenting on how good our baby is made us swell with pride.)

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HEHEEHEEE! Great job capturing everything! I love love love the pictures and stories. Miss you and love you all!