Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jackson's Hospital Visit

Jackson was scheduled to have hernia surgery, along with a few other procedures his urologist wanted to do, on Tuesday 1/20. Well, he awoke Monday clearly in pain and bleeding a little...our doctor told us to get to the ER. Not a fun thing to hear... Turns out part of his intestine had become 'stuck' in the hernia and required emergency surgery. They initially told us they were going to have to do a bowel resection (remove the part of the intestine that was stuck), but thankfully, it hadn't been stuck long enough to be compromised, so the surgery was much less complex than we feared. They repaired hernias on both sides, as well as the umbilical hernia (the giant belly button). His surgeon was just wonderful and he received great care at Children's Memorial here in Chicago. I stayed with him, holding him all night long Monday night and after he proved to the nurses that he was, in fact, starving and could take down a full feeding, they discharged us Tuesday night. We are so thankful that the surgery was a success, that it was less invasive than it could have been, for the wonderful folks at Children's and for those smiles that are back in full effect on our sweet boys chubby face :) Thank you to all of you who kept us in your prayers and for all the emails, texts and calls. Baby Jackson is on the mend!

Just hanging out in his hospital bed...They had to put a big cast type thing over the IV in his foot, because our little soccer all-star kept trying to kick it off...

Spending a little QT with Daddy

Just 3 days post surgery...looking pretty good, huh? :)


The Wilbanks said...

We are so glad Jackson is doing well. We miss you down here in Jacksonville! I am sure Kim told you, but Cade had an umbelica hernia as well. Ugh. We will keep you in our prayers!
Lindsay, Andy, and Cade

Waechter World said...

What a content little man! I can't wait to snuggle that little bean again. Glad he's doing so great. Love you!

Matt, Jamie and Walker said...

We are so happy that Jackson is doing well! We are praying for you guys. We missed you so much in Jax. Kennedy kept saying "Jackson" or "Jax" when she saw Walker. How sweet! Love you guys!
Jamie, Matt and Walker