Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the beginning

Since we are just now getting our act together on this blog thing, and our little one is almost 3 months old...we'll just do a quick 'catch-up' post on the last couple of months...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008....At just 35.5 weeks pregnant, my water broke...SURPRISE! Our precious Jackson Pablo was delivered just 2.5 hours later via emergency c-section at a whopping 6lbs, 3oz and 19.25" long. Preemie my foot! He was healthy enough to come right with us to our room, where we spent the next 4 days recovering and getting to know our little man.

The first month brought lots of blessings, new challenges and not much sleep :) Jackson got back up to his birth weight by 2 weeks and was up to 7lbs 11oz by his 1 month check up. A couple of our favorite shots from Jackson's first month:

In month 2, we figured out that it really is possible to live on just a few hours of sleep. Parenthood is such a gift, but also one of life's biggest challenges...that's for sure! At 2 months Jackson was 11lbs...wowza! Such a wonderful affirmation to us as his parents to know he is thriving. This month Jackson finally got his first real bath, smiled for the first time and enjoyed his first Thanksgiving with the Melgarejos here in Chicago.

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