Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jackson's 6th Month

This particular month might have been Jackson's busiest yet...we took a trip to Atlanta to visit friends & family and do a little 'casual' house hunting and took a BIG trip to Lima, Peru to introduce Jackson to his Grandpa & Uncle Fernando. This month he rolled over from back to tummy, started sitting up with a little support, started consistently sleeping all night (11 hours!) and....drum roll the first tooth!!! The second one appeared right next to it about a week later. It explains the excessive drool and attacking of anything that comes near his mouth! Now we can hold out our hands when he's on his back and say 'up' and he grabs on and pulls himself right up...usually skipping the sitting part and heading straight to standing. He did this with the doctor at his 6 month check-up, and the doc said he very likely would be one who walks before he crawls and that it was probably time to lower the crib....what?? Hard to believe our baby might soon be pulling himself up in his crib! He weighed 18lbs 11oz (75th percentile) and measured 28.25" (50th percentile).

Also...there are some big changes happening for our family...our 'casual' house hunting led very quickly to the purchase of a new home in Atlanta. We are under contract and set to close June we are heading back south!! We are sad to leave such a great city and so many wonderful friends in Chicago, but so very excited to start our next chapter...with a YARD! woohoo! :)

Jackson loves to 'walk', and definitely prefers to be naked...

Some very special family time in Atlanta with the Force ladies

And meeting his future best bud Trey Farmer...we're so excited that they'll get to grow up together (and that Mama & Michelle get to see eachother all the time pretty soon!)
Meeting his Grandpa in Lima...they enjoyed eachother so much

The Melgarejo boys & me at a family barbeque in Lima

Jackson adores his Grandma...

We joke about our little 'attack dog' because he literally attacks our faces (or fingers or arms..anything!)...wonder if he will be tame for a bit now that the first two teeth have arrived...

Couldn't resist including this one...Jackson still loves his bath, and now has figured out that it's much more fun to sit up and splash!

Easter brunch at our family restaurant in Lima - Mel's Cafe...
Happy 1st Easter!

6 month baby & bunny picture

Happy 6 months!!

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